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Should You Get A Playstation 3 Only For Its Graphics?

Being the latest introduction, the Playstation 3 has some of the best audio/video features seen in gaming consoles so far. This console offers the best ever life-like look, especially in games like Fight Night: Round 3 and Call of Duty 3. The pixel shading, smooth blending of the background and anti-aliasing has been created to perfection. There is hardly any other game available in the market today that can really compare with the superb quality of Playstation 3 graphics. This image quality makes the game look very real and elicits great response and feedbacks from the users.

Let us now analyze some of these games.

* Call of Duty 3

Though this game has already come out with other gaming console versions, the Playstation 3 Graphics stand head and shoulders above the rest. The backgrounds, shadows, even explosions seem to be happening in actuality. The Playstation 3 graphics for this game are simply too good and there isnít one flaw one can make out.

* Fight Night: Round 3

Playstation 3 graphics available for this game is a cut above the rest of the gaming solutions. Even the modelsí skin texture and expressions are so real, one can actually believe this is reality happening out there, not a game! The knockout punch replay is the most realistically created graphic. The contortion and distortion in the modelís face is so real, it can actually send a chill down the playerís spine!

* Genji: Days of the Blade

The superb quality of Playstation 3 graphics is brought out through this game yet again. Though the gameplay isnít really great, the graphics more than compensate for it. The legendary Japanese characters actually seem to come to life during the course of the game and the experience is fantastic beyond description!

One thing has to be understood about these gaming consoles. Graphics, though important, is not the be-all and end-all of the game. It is a clever combination of several factors that make a game worth it. The Gameplay, audio/visual experience, clarity of speech, all go to make a perfect game. Omission of any one of these ingredients will make the game look like a perfect museum piece, beautiful, no doubt, but lifeless!

Happily enough, the PS3 also includes a list of games with great Playstation 3 graphics. The above-mentioned games have some of the best Playstation 3 graphics.

PS3 gamers and programmers are always trying to find ways to improved Playstation 3 graphics and other effects. Because this programming is very complex and because the console itself is very new, it is bound to take some time for this genre to rise up to peopleís expectations and emerge as the truly ultimate gaming solution, offering the best Playstation 3 graphics!

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