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Buying a PS3 Just To Play Playstation 3 Games – Is It Really Worth It?

“Play B3yond” is the official slogan of Playstation 3 Games. So what is this implying? Is it talking of the graphics or the entire gameplay experience or both?

Admittedly, Playstation 3 games have some of the best audio-visual effects ever created. The whole feel of the game is more believable than most other games. Even the fight sequences, explosions and the like are realistically created.

Here’s a list of some of the best Playstation 3 games:

* Call of Duty 3

This was a game that had been hyped right from the start, so players had been looking forward to this like no other game. Set against the background of The World War, this is the story where the player assumes the role of a brave young soldier. This game is extremely absorbing and addictive too! This is one of the most brilliant of Playstation 3 games and one cannot point out any flaw in the game, even is one is hell-bent on finding one.

In case you are buying a PS3, you should see to it that it includes this Playstation 3 game in it.

* Fight Night: Round 3

EA Sports, a company that regularly releases sports games, is best known to create games with the best graphics and visuals. The most famous are NBA Live, Madden, FIFA etc.

The company has excelled itself by creating Fight Night: Round 3. The thing that makes these Playstation 3 games so special is that they have seemingly real visuals. Each and every detail about the graphics are really well taken care of.

* Genji: Days of the Blade

This game sadly lacks in gameplay – the general plot is bland and most uninteresting. But the Playstation 3 game makes up for all that with its excellent graphics. If you are already familiar with Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, then you should definitely give this game a look. The mythological characters look so real, that is becomes a pleasure to watch the brilliant special effects.

Playstation 3 games also include an elaborate list of great games. The Call of Duty 3, Fight Night: Round 3 and Resistance: Fall of Man are some of the best available games of Playstation 3.

But the question that arises is, are these Playstation 3 games good enough for one to consider buying a PS3 console for them?

A PS3 would cost you $600. Playstation 3 games carry only a brand value and if some of the future games are not able to keep up with that general brand image, the buyer is likely to be more than disappointed. So it might not be such a great idea, after all, to purchase a PS3 just to play these games.

The buyer will have to carefully evaluate the pros and the cons before finally deciding whether or not he wants to spend that much on the PS3.

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