Audio Equipment Manufactured by Beyerdynamic and Biamp

Audio Equipment Manufactured by Beyerdynamic and Biamp

Here you are introduced to two of the most important audio equipment manufacturers-beyerdynamic and biamp. Both have proven themselves as pioneers and creators of qualitative products that can meet the needs of all those seeking good and promising audio equipment. Let the story about beyerdynamic and biamp begin.

Beyerdynamic was found in 1924 by Eugen Beyer in Heilbronn, Germany. It specializes in manufacturing many types of audio electronics, such as microphones, headphones, wireless audio systems and conference systems. Ever since Beyerdynamic was created, it is still in the family. The whole idea came along with the developments relating to the 1920 cinema. It was the beginning of the sound history. Nothing would be the same anymore. Until the 1940s it was all about the sound. Eugen Beyer noted the changes from the beginning. Before many other customers. He saw a great opportunity and developed it to his limits. His first creations were speakers. He made them in 1924 and they were designed for the film palaces (todays cinemas). Before the end of the 1930s, another product was made - the first dynamic headphones. In the circumstances of World War II, Eugen Beyer had no choice but to stop manufacturing. But not long after production had ceased, it continued in 1948. While the production was frozen, Eugen collected ideas for new and innovative audio products. One of these ideas later became life for Stielhorer DT 49. It became an admirable object of Plattenbars throughout the 50s. Beyerdynamics first wireless microphone was called transistophone. It came to manufacture in 1962.

The 40s and 50s overall were a great success for beyerdynamic and biamp, but nothing compares to the great success of the 60s and the years that followed. The famous Beatles used their companys E-1000 microphone on their trips. Later legends like Elton John, Abba and Stevie Wonder also took the opportunity to own beyerdynamic products.

Many special events were equipped with Eugens sound products, including the 1988 Olympic Games. During the games, each beginner used beyerdynamic headsets. Bundestag in Berlin also uses digital microphones manufactured by the company.

Beyerdynamic always looks forward to the future. That is why today it supports music festivals, promising new bands and sporting events with advanced products. This applies to beyerdynamic and biamp.

Biamp Systems is proud to be one of the best manufacturers of high-quality professional AV systems and products. Over the years, biamp has proved to be a good choice for anyone who wants quality audio equipment. Whether you are new to the audio equipment sphere or if you have experience of it, biamp will suit you. Over time, it has been a goal for the company to create its products in such a way that they would need less equipment, they would save more time and money and would need less material to install. In the present, everything has been achieved: less cables, easier operation and decent prices. Biamp also gives you something for the eye - beautiful and extraordinary design.

Biamps headquarters are based in Beaverton, Oregon and have complementary engineering activities in Brisbane, Australia. Biampes products include mixers, amplifiers, mixers / amplifiers, many controls and accessories, but the unique ones come from the Vocia, Audia, Nexia, DaVinci and Sona series. Audia, Nexia and Sona are actually award-winning products. The Biamp system can provide audio equipment for corporate boardrooms, stage venues, courtrooms and many others.

As you can see, there are many similarities between beyerdynamic and biamp.

Here are you. These were the main stories that involved Beyerdynamic and Biamp. You can explore the products like Beyerdynamic and Biampa by clicking on the hyperlinks. It gives you the chance to browse the world of exceptional audio equipment, which beyerdynamic and biamp provides. Find out about all its great features and enjoy the sound of perfection. Do not miss this chance, beyerdynamic and biamp are just what you need.

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